Although we generally take for granted that the various translations of Bardon’s work – in English, German, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and Russian, to name those that I am aware of – convey generally the same information and have directly the same content, it is easy to overlook that most overlooked part of any book – the preface.

Out of those that I do know of, Otti Votavova’s preface is fairly well known in the English and German editions, and Alexandre Moryason, the French publisher, I believe, wrote the preface to the French edition.

I recently came across the Czech preface, written very fittingly everyone would agreed, by Bardon’s son, Dr Lumir Bardon. With the help of Google translate and a bit of massage from myself, I have drawn up a translation, and added some extra snippets of information in the footnotes.

In the preface, Lumir, discusses his father’s vast library of occult and esoteric books, some 2000 in number. He gives a sense of the oppression in the former Czechoslovakia where occult practices and publications were strictly banned and we hear how his father’s books could not be published in his native country and language, until this first Czech edition, some 35 years since his father dictated the original, which Otti Votavova translated to German for publication in the west. I also detect a hint of frustration that despite the universal nature and many editions of the publications, his feeling that the works should be more widely appreciated.

A few other questions spring up in my mind. Whatever happened to Hermann Bauer Verlag, the original German publisher, and how did Dieter Ruggeburg come to assume that role? I think I recall hearing elsewhere that Dieter Ruggeburg had not a personal relationship with Bardon, coming to knowledge of the works after Bardon’s death. For that matter, how come the original US publishers, the Brotherhood of Life are no longer publishing these titles? If anyone has any views, or can share any information on the prefaces and preface writers from the other languages, I’d love to hear from you.

I wish you peace and progress on your path to perfection,